Submission instructions and review process

Instructions for preparing submissions

  • Submissions should be anonymized short papers (extended abstracts) up to 4 pages in PDF format, typeset using the NeurIPS paper template.
  • Unlimited references are allowed and do not count against the 4-page limit.
  • Appendices are highly discouraged, and reviewers will not be required to read beyond the first 4 pages and the impact statement.
  • A workshop-specific modified NeurIPS style file will be provided for the camera-ready versions, after the author notification date.
  • Workshop organizers retain the right to reject submissions for editorial reasons: for example, any paper surpassing the page limitation or modifying the NeurIPS template will be desk rejected.
  • We invite authors to follow the guidelines and best practices from the NeurIPS conference (see also the main conference datasets and benchmarks call for guidelines pertaining to the Dataset Track). A checklist or broader impact statement is not required to be included with the submission. You are however welcome to add a short broader impact statement, which will not count towards the 4-page submission limit.
  • All authors must be registered in the submission system at the time of submission. We will not allow authors to be added after the review process has begun.
  • Submissions will be kept confidential until they are accepted and until authors confirm that they can be included in the workshop. If a submission is not accepted, or withdrawn for any reason, it will be kept confidential and not made public.

Review process

Submissions that follow the submission instructions correctly (i.e., are not rejected due to editorial reasons, such as exceeding the page limit or tampering with the template format) are sent for double-blind peer review. Below are some of the key points about this process that are shared with the reviewers and authors alike. Authors are expected to consider these in preparation of their submissions and when deciding to apply for the reviewer role.

  • Papers are 4 pages long. Appendices are accepted but highly discouraged; the reviewers will not be required to read the appendices.
  • There will be multiple reviewers for each paper.
  • Reviewers will be able to state their confidence in their review.
  • We will provide an easy-to-follow template for reviews so that both the pros and the cons of the submission can be highlighted.
  • Reviewers will select their field of expertise so that each submission has reviewers from multiple fields. During the matching process, the same list of subject fields is used for submissions and reviewer expertise in order to maximize the quality of reviews.
  • Potential conflicts of interest based on institution and author collaboration are addressed through the CMT review system.
  • Criteria for a successful submission include: novelty, correctness, relevance to the field, at the intersection of ML and physical sciences, and showing promise for future impact. Negative or null results that add value and insight are welcome.
  • There will be no rebuttal period. Minor flaws will not be the sole reason to reject a paper. Incomplete works at an advanced progress stage are welcome.